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Our performance

Customer Service Excellence

Revenues and Benefits Services continues to be successful in meeting the government Customer Service Excellence standard. We've held this award for over 20 years, and it recognises our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and the high quality, customer-focussed service which the people of Middlesbrough have a right to expect.

Our performance - 2018/19

  Performance target 1.4.17 to 31.3.18 1.4.18 to 31.12.18
New claims (Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction) 26 days 22.18 days 23.71 days
Changes in circumstances (Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction) 13 days 9.31 days 17.39 days
Accuracy 120 points per quarter 100% for all 4 quarters 100% for Q1 – Q3
Housing Benefit overpayments 30% 32.02% 20.89%
Council Tax collection 94.3% 92.79% 78.68%
Business rates collection 96.3% 98.89% 83.10%

Compliments and suggestions

Your comments and suggestions are important to us. If you'd like to compliment us on our service or have any suggestions on how we may improve the service we provide, you can use our online complaints and feedback form.


If you have a problem please speak to us first as many difficulties can be cleared up easily. If you're still not satisfied, you can use the complaints procedure. The easiest way to make a complaint us by using the online complaints and feedback form.

Find out more about the complaints procedure.