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Where to live when you leave care

There are a few different options for where you can live when you leave care.

If you're already living with a foster carer, you can stay with them after you turn 18 (if you're both happy with that). Find out about staying with your foster carer after you turn 18.

You can try supported lodgings, where you'll have your own room in someone else's home. It gives you a chance to learn the skills you need to look after yourself when you live alone. Find out about supported lodgings.

If you're not interested in either of those things, there's still lots of support you can get when you find your own place.

A special housing officer in the Pathways team can give you advice about finding somewhere to live.

You can get money from the 'Setting Up Home allowance' to pay for some of the things you'll need in your home if you're renting a place.

We'll give you advice about opening a bank account, and help you to apply for any benefits you can claim.

You'll need to pay your rent and bills, and make sure you still have enough money left for food and anything else you might need. So we'll help you learn how to make your money last all month.

As a care leaver, you won't have to pay any Council Tax until you're 21, so that's one less thing to worry about.

Find out more about the help and support care leavers can get.