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Young people and risk taking behaviour

The majority of young people in Middlesbrough don't get involved in risk taking behaviour. However, if they do, there are a number of professionals and agencies who work with schools, colleges, youth clubs, and other agencies and professionals to provide:

Education and targeted services for young people

  • Risk reduction advice for young people
  • Sexual health and relationship advice for young people aimed at delaying early sexual activity
  • Contraception advice and signposting to services
  • Support to teenagers who think they may be pregnant or become pregnant
  • Mother and baby parenting courses for teenagers who become pregnant under the age of 18

Training for professionals

  • Drug and alcohol awareness training for professionals
  • Training to enable teachers and professionals to deliver PSHE in relation to risk taking behaviour, drug and alcohol education and sex and relationship education
  • Early intervention training for professionals in relation to drug and alcohol misuse, and risky sexual behaviour
  • Training to enable services to be part of, and deliver, the CCard Scheme

Teenage pregnancy, sexual health and young people

  • Relationships
  • The C-Card scheme (condom scheme)
  • Contraception and sexual health services
  • Emergency contraception and where to access emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing services
  • If you're pregnant and would like support with decision making
  • If you're a teenage parent or getting ready to become one and would like support
  • Information about young people's services for drugs and alcohol