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Clean up

Town-wide clean-up

A massive Middlesbrough clean-up is on its way – and your community needs you!

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston has launched a summer of action during which residents, voluntary groups and the Council will work together to make Middlesbrough a cleaner town.

It starts by you letting us know how your local area could be improved. This could include general litter picking, painting street furniture and fences, tidying play areas, cleaning litter bins, adding something creative through decoration, or beautifying back alleys. The Council can then provide the materials and training to you, the community volunteers, to help make your area cleaner, brighter and better.

Let us know what and where you think could be improved by our town-wide clean up by taking the survey.

Do you want to be part of the big clean up?

We’re also looking for enthusiastic volunteers from all across Middlesbrough to take part and help.

There are a great number of benefits to volunteering including giving back to the community and making a difference to the people around you. It can also provide you with opportunities to socialise and meet new people, get some exercise and even learn new skills, as well as a sense of pride as you know how your contribution, no matter how little, has made a big difference to your community.

If you are interested in getting involved please email, including the area that you would like to volunteer in, as well as your contact details. 

By working together with you, we can help you make your community shine – get involved!