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Changing perceptions of Middlesbrough by celebrating our achievements

When it comes to how you and people around you view Middlesbrough, you’ve told us that you want:

  • everyone in Middlesbrough to want to achieve
  • everyone in Middlesbrough to be able to achieve
  • to feel proud of living here

As well as being recognised by companies like The Financial Times, Middlesbrough has been listed as a ‘creative cluster’ and area of rapid growth by organisations like Creative England. This recognition is starting to show the rest of the country (and world) what Middlesbrough can do, which is great news for everyone here: more jobs, more to enjoy and more money being spent here!

Let’s make sure local people benefit

Middlesbrough Council and its partners wants everyone to share in Middlesbrough’s success, and to feel like they too can succeed. We are looking at:

  • Introducing a new set of marketing campaigns to talk up Middlesbrough and the positives of life here
  • Creating a young person’s ‘passport’ to encourage young people to enjoy our many cultural sites
  • Organising an annual Civic Pride Awards event, to celebrate and recognise the good work of people in their own communities