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Strong and supportive communities

When it comes to life in your local community, you’ve told us that you want:

  • to feel safe after dark
  • activities for young people so they don’t turn to anti-social behaviour
  • for awareness to be raised of different cultures in Middlesbrough
  • more people volunteering

People migrating to Middlesbrough are creating new communities, which can add many great things to our town if supported properly. Projects that promote understanding of different cultures and backgrounds are currently in progress to provide this support. Our community hubs exist for people to come together and access services close to their home, and Middlesbrough Council is working with Cleveland Police to increase community safety.

Let’s make sure local people benefit

Community is at the heart of everything we do, and Middlesbrough Council and its partners are going to:

  • Work with local people to tackle issues that matter to them in their area, starting in Hemlington
  • Join up services between Middlesbrough Council, Thirteen Group and Cleveland Police to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Promote the new Community Bank, which will provide affordable financial support