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Highway trees

Middlesbrough Council maintains approximately 22,000 highway trees and also any trees within falling distance of the public highway. A specially trained arboriculture inspector is employed to manage highway trees. This is to ensure a high standard of tree maintenance, which includes periodical inspections of all trees within the borough. The aim of the inspection is to establish the condition of the tree and to ensure it is healthy, safe and not causing an obstruction or damage to its surroundings, eg properties, footpaths, roads etc.

If you are reporting this outside of business hours (7.30am-3.00pm Mon- Fri) and you feel it is an unsafe or emergency case, please contact our Out of Hours service: 01642 726050.
Should you wish to request investigation or action to be taken in relation to trees and arboriculture please complete this form. Please note that a dangerous tree is defined as dead, diseased or dying and a risk to the public or a property.

Most common questions about highway trees in Middlesbrough are answered in the council's tree policy.