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The scrutiny process involves the council’s elected members examining any topic which impacts on the local area. This often relates to council services, but the process can also involve relevant external organisations and bodies. Scrutiny ensures that the decisions taken by the council and its partners are appropriate. It creates an open, transparent way for elected members to shape, question, evaluate and challenge policies, decisions and performance.

Scrutiny investigations are usually undertaken over the course of several meetings, which consider information from relevant sources, and examine current policies and practices. At the end of the exercise an investigation report is prepared, which summarises the scrutiny panel's findings and puts forward recommendations to make Middlesbrough a better place to live and work.

Scrutiny is an essential part of ensuring that the council remains effective and accountable.

The structure of scrutiny

Currently, the panels are currently organised around the following themes.

Diagram showing the structure to the Scrunity Panels

Have your say

The Overview and Scrutiny Board and scrutiny panels welcome your views on which aspects of council business should be reviewed.

Your suggestions must:

  • Affect a group of people living within the Middlesbrough area;
  • Relate to a service, event or issue in which the council has a significant stake or over which the council has an influence;
  • Not be an issue which the Overview and Scrutiny Board or the scrutiny panels have considered during the last 12 months;
  • Not relate to an individual service complaint;
  • Not relate to matters dealt with by another council committee, unless the issue deals with procedure.

You can forward your suggestion by one of the following methods:


Contact details for Scrutiny

Team member


Responsible for

Caroline Breheny
Scrutiny Support Officer

01642 729752


Community Safety and Leisure

Georgina Moore
Scrutiny Support Officer

01642 729711

Children and Learning

Social Care and Adult Services

Alan Crawford
Scrutiny Support Officer

01642 729707

Overview and Scrutiny Board

Economic Regeneration and Transport

Elise Pout
Scrutiny Support Officer

01642 728302

Health Scrutiny

South Tees Health Scrutiny Joint Committee

Tees Valley Health Scrutiny Joint Committee