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Mayor, Councillors and Committees

Allowances and expenses

Councillors are entitled to receive or claim a range of allowances for undertaking their council duties.

Since 2000, the council has been required to appoint an independent panel to advise on an appropriate level for all allowances that paid to Councillors. The full council sets the levels of allowances, taking into consideration the recommendations of the panel.

Middlesbrough Council holds a public register of all Councillors' expenses and subsistence claims. This register can be viewed in the documents section below.

Allowances paid to Councillors are made up of the following:

Basic allowance

For 2018-19, this amount is £6,378. The same rate of basic allowance must be paid to all Councillors. Elected Members can also claim a broadband and telephone allowance up to a maximum of £25 per month.

Special responsibility allowance

Where a Councillor has a role with significant additional responsibility, they can be paid a special responsibility allowance. The rate of the allowance is dependent on the level of responsibility for which it is paid. The roles which are entitled to a special responsibility allowance are identified in the Members' Scheme of Allowances.

Travel and subsistence allowances

Travel can be claimed where a Councillor incurs expenditure in order to perform an approved council duty. This is paid at the Inland Revenue rate (currently 45 pence per mile). They can also claim subsistence when they're acting as the authorised representative of the council at a meeting, conference or seminar. Actual costs of standard rail, taxi and bus fares and other direct costs can also be claimed. Claims have to be supported by receipts.

Dependent carer's allowance

Councillors can claim a dependent carer's allowance where expenditure is necessarily and exclusively incurred in arranging care of children or dependants when undertaking approved duties. The allowance is paid per hour and in line with the National Living Wage.


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