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Come and be part of Middlesbrough's culture club

Middlesbrough people interested in the arts, heritage and community matters are invited to join the town's online culture club.

Cllr Mieka Smiles, Middlesbrough Council's Executive Member for Culture and Communities, has launched a monthly video diary for all matters that fall under her portfolio.

The first vlog has now gone live on the Lovemiddlesbrough website and is being shared on Facebook and Youtube where residents with a shared passion for the topics can comment and get involved in the culture conversation.

The first topics in the video shot in the cells beneath the Middlesbrough Town Hall court room are the unique pop up eatery The Secret Menu which will take place in the cells on November 22, the ongoing Discover Middlesbrough festival and the World Parmo Championships taking place on Monday, October 28.

Cllr Smiles said: "It's an exciting time in Middlesbrough.

"From Mayor Andy Preston's latest announcement on Middlesbrough's Digital City through to major redevelopments in areas including Gresham, there is so much planned for our great town.

"And in May I was tasked with helping to drive forward culture and communities as a member of the executive team. This is something I'm passionate about.

"The cultural sector continues to grow faster than the UK economy and I believe investing in it can help transform the lives of those living in our town, creating jobs, wealth and prosperity. In fact it already is - and this can be seen from the regenerative power of something like Orange Pip, which we have plans to expand and develop next year.

"I wanted a way to keep people updated on all things culture and communities - and this will be a monthly vlog to do just that. I will be sharing upcoming events, ideas and the inside track on what I'm doing to help develop and promote the sector in Middlesbrough."

To watch the first monthly culture and communities vlog visit the Love Middlesbrough website.