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Condemnation for vandal attack at local beauty spot

A mindless vandal attack on trees in a Middlesbrough beauty spot has been condemned.

For the second time in recent weeks newly planted cherry trees have been snapped in Linthorpe Cemetery and Nature Reserve.

A total of 18 cherry trees had previously been planted in the cemetery.

However, only six now remain after two vandal attacks in recent weeks.

Middlesbrough Council's Area Care team were called to deal with the snapped trees.

Cllr Dennis McCabe, Middlesbrough Council's newly appointed Executive Member for Environment, said: "This is absolutely sickening and I don't know how anyone can be so low as to desecrate such a place of rest for loved ones.

"Linthorpe Cemetery and Nature Reserve is a place for quiet reflection and where visitors can enjoy the natural environment.

"That someone would just go in and snap down these trees, not once but twice, absolutely beggars belief.

"We absolutely condemn this vandalism in the strongest terms and those responsible should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves."

The Friends of Linthorpe Cemetery and Nature Reserve group highlighted the damage on their Facebook page and declared they were devastated.