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Council moving to heart of communities

A major overhaul will see key Middlesbrough Council services based at the heart of local communities.

The proposed ‘place based' approach aims to empower local residents through better access to and collaboration between local services.

Pilot schemes in Newport and North Ormesby will be launched and if successful, the model will be rolled out across the town.

The joined-up approach will see improved working between statutory organisations, the voluntary sector and private sectors and local residents, with services and staff being located in the heart of communities so that they can better understand, engage and support people.

The approach will result in staff becoming part of the communities they serve and allow those people within that community to highlight what is important to them and shape the way that services are delivered.

Middlesbrough's proposed approach will see staff from departments across the Council - including community safety, area care, education, adult and children's social care and youth offending - based in the communities they serve.

Where appropriate they will work alongside partners such as housing providers, emergency services and commissioned services such as drug and alcohol support and homelessness support.

It is hoped a two-year pilot - subject approval at a meeting of Middlesbrough Council's Executive on Tuesday, October 8 - will lead to reductions in crime and anti-social behaviour, and fewer children being taken into looked-after care.

A further report to Executive in the new year will provide an update on which services will be located in each pilot area, and further information on engagement with partners.

Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: "Middlesbrough has fantastic, vibrant communities, with great people at their heart.

"But they've been let down for too long by services that aren't right for them, and that aren't working together properly.

"This new approach puts those services right where they're needed, bang in the middle of places like North Ormesby and Newport.

"It's all about giving local people a strong voice, and the power to take control of their own future.