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Enforcement vehicles introduced to fight crime

Communities in Middlesbrough troubled by constant crime and anti-social behaviour are to be targeted with new enforcement vehicles.

Middlesbrough Council has announced two new Community Enforcement Vehicles fitted with CCTV will be patrolling the town’s streets to help in the fight against crime.

Any evidence of anti-social behaviour gathered during patrols will either be used by the Council to address using its own statutory powers while evidence of criminal behaviour will be given to Cleveland Police.

The new tool in the fight against bad behaviour in Middlesbrough’s communities has been introduced by Mayor Andy Preston.

Mr Preston is making tackling anti-social behaviour a key priority and has announced that trouble hot spots in North Ormesby and Newport wards will be prioritised initially.

He said: “All across Middlesbrough we have brilliant communities where good people’s lives are absolutely blighted by really shocking behaviour by the minority.

“I am absolutely determined that we use every power under the sun to make sure those good people feel safe in their own homes and walking their own streets.

“One of the big problems I get reported to me all the time is issues which are down to drugs or houses which are clearly used for dealing drugs.

“These mobile CCTV vans will be able to pick up loads of issues and I hope they send a message to those in the minority who make life a misery for the rest that we will hit them with everything we’ve got.”

Residents in areas seriously affected by criminal activity and anti-social behaviour can expect to receive a letter explaining the presence of the enforcement vehicles.

Cllr Ashley Waters, North Ormesby ward councillor, said: “North Ormesby is one of the oldest and strongest communities in Middlesbrough but there are problems – some big, some small.

“I hope these new vehicles will have a strong presence on our streets and remind residents that we are on their side.”

Pictured: Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston (R) and North Ormesby ward councillor Ashley Waters (L), with Middlesbrough Council Street Wardens and a Community Enforcement Vehicle in North Ormesby.