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Gritters geared up for onset of winter

Middlesbrough's gritting fleet is on stand-by as the first cold snap of the season approaches.

Middlesbrough Council's transport, environment and Streetscene teams have already been in action, with regular weather updates from the Meteo Group.

Last year the teams used around 1,800 tonnes of road salt during 61 planned gritting operations.

For the forthcoming winter season 4,000 tonnes are available in the barn at Cargo Fleet and, as in previous years, further stocks will be available from Boulby if required.

The gritter fleet remains at seven, with five vehicles for the Priority Routes and two spares on standby to cover breakdowns and maintenance or to provide additional cover in severe conditions.

Two new multi-purpose gritting vehicles are now in operation. These vehicles are fitted with removable hoppers so that they can be utilised for other purposes at the end of the winter season.

Salt bins will once again be deployed to ensure minor routes are kept clear, while extra resources will also be made available to ensure town centre roads and pavements remain safe and passable.

Middlesbrough boasts one of the fastest gritting times in the country, with the team able to cover roads on the borough's five gritting routes - a total distance of 180 miles - in just two hours.

Councillor Dennis McCabe, Middlesbrough Council's Executive member for Environment, said: "Our crews are on stand-by around the clock to ensure we're ready for whatever winter has in store for us.

"Their planning and hard work mean our major routes remain clear and the town centre remains open for business, whatever the conditions."

The popular winter weather feature can be accessed via the home page of the Middlesbrough Council website throughout the winter months, with regular updates on grit stocks, weather forecasts and road conditions. For more information visit the winter page or follow @MbroCouncil #mbrowinter on Twitter.