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Lighting the way to a greener future

The latest phase of the move towards greener street lighting across Middlesbrough is under away.

Over the coming year, nearly 6,500 existing lighting units will be upgraded to energy-efficient LEDs

The £2.495 million programme follows a first phase which saw more than 13,000 units replaced between 2015 and 2017.

The work - carried out by Middlesbrough Council's street lighting delivery partner Galliford Try - will result in annual electricity bill savings of more than £300,000, and an annual carbon emission reduction of 925 tonnes.

The LED fittings also help to reduce light pollution, as they are more direct and illuminate only their intended carriageways and footpaths.

More efficient, targeted lighting removes the nuisance of over-lighting which is both beneficial to wildlife and protects private properties from unwanted illumination.

The new lighting is not anticipated to have any detrimental impacts upon the levels of lighting provided. However the progress will be monitored carefully, and any issues alleviated as identified.

No road closures or impact on access to properties are anticipated during the installation programme - Galliford Try will liaise with affected residents should the need arise.

Councillor Ashley Waters, Middlesbrough Council's Executive member for Regeneration said: "Energy-efficient LED lighting is the future, and this latest phase will complete the transition across Middlesbrough.

"It shows the Council is being forward thinking and working to reduce our carbon footprint where possible, while also saving a significant amount of money every year on our energy bills.

"Not only are we being responsible with public funds, but there's a real benefit for local wildlife."

Pictured: Councillor Ashley Waters, Middlesbrough Council's Executive member for Regeneration, with Galliford Try maintenance operation Darren Younger with one of the new LED street lighting units