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Students look to the future in Centre Square capsule

School children from across Middlesbrough looked to the future when they left a message for posterity at a key development site.

Students from six schools created their own special artefacts for inclusion in a time capsule as part of the Centre Square Grade A office project.

Work is well under way on the 210,000 sq ft office development that will create a 21st century business destination in the heart of Middlesbrough.

The ultra-modern buildings are being delivered in phases, with construction well advanced on the first two, with three more in the pipeline.

And this week the students were invited to present their artefacts at a special event in Centre Square hosted by Middlesbrough Council, developer Ashall Projects and contractor Bowmer & Kirkland.

Pieces donated by the schools:

Archibald Primary School
A Romeo and Juliet performance ticket, designed by one of the students and performed to the community in February

Beech Grove Primary School
Reading keys symbolising the children's key to success

North Ormesby Primary School
A full school photograph along with their Tim Badge which awards students Star of the Week


Outwood Acklam Academy
School pledge booklet and pledge badge


St Edward's RC Primary School
A prayer for the community written by the children

Unity City Academy
Messages in a bottle from students on why they love their school

Beech Grove Primary Deputy Headteacher Catherine Steel-Brewster said: "At Beech Grove Primary School we unlock the potential of our amazing children and staff to allow them to be the best they can be, so our chosen artefact is a key.

"By working together and nurturing each other's strengths, we know that even a little key can open a heavy door."

Mark Ashall, director of Ashall Projects, said: "Centre Square is one of the most significant development sites in the whole region, and these students will see the area develop and flourish into a central business hub over the next few years.

"Their contributions to the time capsule provide a snapshot of Middlesbrough in 2019 and will intrigue and fascinate whoever discovers them many decades from now."

Kevin Parkes, Middlesbrough Council's Executive Director of Growth and Place, said: "Centre Square symbolises Middlesbrough's ambition and the confidence we have in our future.

"I'm grateful to all the schools who have contributed some truly inspirational artefacts that will be of enormous interest to future generations."