Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, anyone can make a request to the council for information, and they must be:

  • Informed of whether the council holds that information
  • Supplied with that information (subject to exemptions) within 20 working days following receipt of the request.

Before making a request:

  •  You must check that the information is not already available anywhere on this website. The open data section may contain the information you need. You can also use the search function, A-Z of services, or browse the site to find the information.
  •  You must check that the information is not contained within our publication scheme.

Setting out your request

Your request should clearly set out the information you want:

  • Be clear. If we aren't sure what you want, we'll have to ask you for further clarification, which will delay your request.
  • Be precise. In some cases your request may be refused if it would be too expensive or time consuming for the authority to deal with.
  • Don't ask for opinions. Freedom of Information only applies to factual information held by the council. Describing something is a matter of opinion/interpretation and is not classed as information held.
  • State how you'd prefer to receive the information, for example, electronically or as a hard copy (if available).

Examples of FOI requests

Good Examples Bad Examples

How much did the council spend on refurbishing its offices in the financial year 2010/11?

Please send me information on the refurbishment of the office.

Please send me your policies and internal guidelines on customer services, and a copy of your complaints procedure.

Why does your authority seem to think it is acceptable to treat its customers badly?

Make a request

Please read the guidance notes before making a request. In order to make a request, you should:

Freedom of Information Officer
Democratic Services
Organisation and Governance
P.O. Box 503
Town Hall

    Personal information

    You should not use a Freedom of Information request to find out what personal information the council holds about you. You'll need to use a Subject Access Request form, available under the Data Protection Act 1998. This request is also subject to certain exemptions.

    Outcome of your request

    If you're not happy with the outcome of your request, you can ask for an internal review within 40 days of receiving the response. Internal reviews will be carried out by the Corporate Complaints Manager, who won't have been involved in your initial request. A response will be provided within 20 working days.

    To request an internal review you should email

    or write to:

    Sylvia Reynolds
    Members & Statutory Services Manager
    PO Box 503
    Town Hall
    TS1 9FX