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Listed buildings

A listed building is identified and protected for its special architectural or historic interest, its close association with nationally important buildings or events, or its value as part of a group of buildings.

The protection afforded by this legislation applies to the whole of a listed building and any structure attached to it and land within the curtilage. The term 'building' can include such items as lamp posts, post boxes, industrial structures, walls and statues as well as cinemas, offices and houses.

When buildings are listed they are placed on statutory lists compiled by the government under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, on advice from Historic England.

If you have a query about whether a building is listed and/or whether proposed alterations require Listed Building Consent, please contact the Conservation Officer on 01642 729116 or via email to

Middlesbrough Local List

The aim of the Local List is to identify buildings, structures, parks, gardens and open spaces in Middlesbrough which are thought to be of special local architectural and/or historic interest. The Local List does not include nationally important buildings, of which there are 126 in Middlesbrough.

View Middlesbrough's Local List.

Local List - Article 4 directions

The Crown (corner of Linthorpe Road and Borough Road)
An article 4 direction to prevent demolition of The Crown was confirmed by the council on November 5 2015.