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What goes in my bins?

Residents are reminded that excess waste (black bags etc.) next to black refuse bins will not be collected.

If residents do have extra waste this can be taken to the Household Waste Site at Haverton Hill or you can request a junk job by contacting the Council on tel: 01642 726001.


Recycling - Blue Lid Bin

The items below should go loose (not bagged), rinsed clean and squashed into your recycling bin with the blue lid. Any excess recycling should be placed in carrier bags or clear sacks next to your blue lidded bin.

Black bags should not be used for excess recycling or placed in the blue lidded bin.


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Glass bottles and jars of all colours

Broken glass, pyrex, light bulbs, mirrors and flat glass

Newspapers, magazines, paper, cardboard (folded flat), junk mail, brochures, envelopes and telephone directories including yellow pages. All types of cardboard including cereal boxes

Polystyrene foam packaging, used kitchen paper, baby/facial wipes or nappies

No takeaway pizza boxes or any takeaway food containers or bags, even though they may be paper or cardboard

All cartons including soft drinks, fruit juice and soup (Please squash/ fold flat)


All steel and aluminium food and drink cans, biscuit or sweet tins (Please rinse and squash where possible)

Cutlery or any other metal objects

Rigid plastic food containers such as yoghurt pots and ice cream tubs, plastic bottles such as drinks bottles, shampoo bottles, washing up liquid bottles, bleach bottles and milk bottles (Please rinse and squash)

Hard plastic eg toys, beakers etc., plastic film, black bags, cling film, food wrapping

No carrier bags or polystyrene foam packaging

Find out more about what goes into your communal blue lid bin.

Find out more about what goes into your clear recycling sacks.

Green Waste - Green Bin

Please place all green waste loose (not bagged) in your green bin




Grass cuttings, hedge clippings, dead plants, weeds, cut flowers, shrub prunings, bark leaves, small twigs and branches

Stone, concrete, timber or builder's waste, glass, plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, plant pots, soil, turf, household rubbish and food waste


Refuse - Black Bin

Please bag all refuse in your black lid bin to reduce smells and keep your bin clean




Domestic household waste that cannot be recycled

Recycling, rubble or bricks, vehicle parts, items which may make the bin too heavy

Plastic film, black bags, cling film, food wrapping, polystyrene foam packaging, hard plastic

Items that may make the bin too heavy

All types of food waste