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Special Education Needs

Pastoral support programmes

Middlesbrough schools have demonstrated a real willingness to work with pupils displaying challenging behaviour, and their parents/carers, on a range of strategies intended to help avoid exclusions from school. We encourage all schools to continue working in partnership with parents/carers in a positive and supportive way, using all of the mechanisms available.

All schools engage with parents/carers at some point, whether this is at the Discipline Committee stage, when reviewing exclusions, or at the preventative stage, when it's possible there is a multi-agency approach to dealing with challenging behaviour of pupils. These meetings are often referred to as pastoral support programme meetings (PSPs), or care plan meetings.

These meetings provide an opportunity to acknowledge positive factors relating to the child, in addition to ideas regarding how to address behavioural difficulties being presented by the child. Representatives from the school, and other relevant professionals/agencies, attend these meetings in schools with parents/carers. Attendees discuss a wide range of potential strategies which may have a positive impact on the situation. In most cases, the child is present for at least part of the meeting, and realistic targets for improvement are agreed with the pupil and the parent/carer. Review meetings are held every few weeks to monitor the child's progress.

For more information regarding PSPs, advice on the use of exclusion, and alternatives to the use of exclusion, please contact:

David Lister
CME Manager
Phone: 01642 729286

Download the pastoral support programme meeting template (DOC)