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Middlesbrough SACRE


Middlesbrough SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) advises Middlesbrough Council on Religious Education in schools.

The Middlesbrough Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education was published in 1998. Since then, Middlesbrough SACRE has continued to support schools by regularly updating its RE provision. Following the publication of the Agreed Syllabus, SACRE developed Assessment Guidelines (2004) and an Agreed Syllabus Supplement (2005).


We are deeply indebted to Sharon Artley, education and ICT consultant for all her hard work in putting the disc together and making the technology work. Our thanks also to members of Middlesbrough SACRE for their continuing support.

Enjoy exploring and discovering the wealth of material available to you. We hope that you will find the resource helpful as we continue to work together to provide an excellent, exciting and enjoyable learning experience for everyone involved in the life and work of our school communities.

Father Glyn Holland - Chair, Middlesbrough SACRE

Eileen Bellett - SACRE Consultant for Religious Education


Collective worship

Faith directory

World Religions complete glossary

Learning objectives

Hinduism learning objectives

Jesus learning objectives

Judaism learning objectives

The Bible learning objectives

The Church learning objectives

Contact SACRE

​SACRE faith directory

Father Glyn Holland - Chair of SACRE 
Phone: 01642 820304

Sharon Artley - Consultant to SACRE 
Phone: 01287 660470