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School governors

We offer a wide range of support to schools and academies in Middlesbrough. We can help schools prepare for OfSTED and provide robust evidence of strong leadership and management.

Who are School Governors/Trustees?

School Governors and Trustees in Middlesbrough are helping Head Teachers and staff to ensure children and young people get the best from their time in school, making up the largest volunteer force in the country. If you are interested in becoming a school governor the Department for Education website has more Information.

What do School Governors/Trustees do?

The Governing Board works with the Head Teacher and staff to ensure the school provides a good quality education for its students, providing strategic direction to support the Head Teacher to make the operational day to day decision.

The Governing Board has three core functions:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Head Teacher/CEO to account for the educational performance of the school or academy
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school or academy

What can we offer your School?

The support we offer is mainly provided using service level agreements:

  • Advice and clerking
  • Support to Chair of Governors
  • Governor development and training


School Governors and Trustees provide strategic leadership and accountability in school. They appoint Head Teachers and other staff. In some schools, the site is owned by the Governing Board. It is Governors and Trustees who hold the main responsibility for finance in schools, and it is Governors and Trustees who work with the Head Teacher to make the decisions about balancing resources.

You do not have to have children at school to be a School Governor or Trustee, nor do you need specialist skills (although you should have appropriate skills and experience that would contribute to the effective governance and success of the school). You do need to be over 18, satisfy eligibility criteria set by the government and have the interest and ability to listen, think through new ideas and decide what is best from the school as part of a team.

How we support School Governors/Trustees

Governors and Trustees in Middlesbrough are supported in their role by having access to information, advice, support, resources and training in order to ensure they, alongside the Head Teacher and Clerks, are effective in carrying out their statutory duties and in improving the education outcomes for children.

Middlesbrough Governor Development Service provides;

  • Statutory functions for Governors
  • Termly updates and forums for Governors
  • Programme of training and support

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