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Toolkit - Assess Needs

Stage 3 of the sign up process is 'Assess Needs.' It is important to asses the current wellbeing status in your organisation, this is so that there is a starting point to progress from and improvements can then be measured. Celebrating successes becomes much easier if you can see how far you have come.

Here is an initial organisational assessment form to complete - Organisational Assessment (DOC)

You will then need to ask staff to complete a 'Health Needs Assessment'. This can be given to each member of staff to complete and return anonymously or can be completed by email if this is appropriate to your organisation. Here is the form - Health Needs Assessment (DOC)

Your survey may also help you to start identifying assets within your organisation and you will then need to map your assets. Here is an introduction to asset mapping - Introduction to Asset Mapping (PDF)

Here is a template for you to use to map your assets - Asset Mapping spreadsheet (XLS)

We have also created a template with some examples already completed, so that you can see the form in action - Asset mapping spreadsheet with examples (XLS)

If you have further questions at any stage of the process, don't hesitate to contact the Extra Life team who will be happy to help. The details of the team can be found on the 'Contact us' page.

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