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About Extra Life

Extra Life is a setting based initiative that supports the promotion of health and wellbeing within an organisation to improve work environments and boost the health and wellbeing of its people.

It is inspired by the Healthy Settings concept, developed by the World Health Organisation in the late 1980s in a response to maximise disease prevention across populations.

Aimed at large scale change, Public Health (Middlesbrough Council) has created Extra Life, as a unique health improvement programme that could be used in any setting.

Extra Life works by providing one set of guidance and standards, that regardless of the business orientation, be it public, private or voluntary sector it could work across any organisation by targeting people within their own familiar surroundings.

Evidence tells us that health and wellbeing is highly influenced by, and dependent upon the environment people live, work and socialise in. Organisations where people go to work, study or visit as part of their daily lives makes an ideal place to deliver and promote Extra Life.

By working collectively we can reach high numbers of people in Middlesbrough and in turn, help address local health needs through targeted settings based support.

Health Facts

Middlesbrough suffers from poor health outcomes and a high number of people dying early from preventable illnesses.  Factors including smoking, poor diet and a lack of physical activity all contribute to this.

Last year an estimated 131 million days were lost to sickness absence in the UK, while up to 50% of health and wellbeing is thought to be determined by social factors and the environment in which people live and work.

Funded by Public Health at Middlesbrough Council