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Screening Saves Lives

Welcome to the Screening Saves Lives website, which is designed to give you all the facts and information about the three national cancer screening programmes – cervical, bowel, and breast screening.

This is a local campaign by Public Health South Tees aimed at using insight from local people to inform the development of local services and information to increase access to all.

From this section you can find out more about the different screening programmes, as well as what we're doing locally.

You can also check out the Reduce Your Risk Facebook page for news, health and wellbeing advice, and information about screening and reducing your risk of cancer.


We're currently redesigning the Screening Saves Lives website and we hope to launch the new site early next year. In the meantime, a big hello to visitors and businesses from our new areas – Hartlepool, Stockton, Darlington, Hambleton and Richmondshire, and Whitby!

Cervical screening

Breast screening

Bowel screening

For help or more information, contact the Screening Saves Lives team.