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Bowel cancer – reduce your risk

Signs and symptoms

Even after a normal bowel screening result, it's important that anyone with symptoms speaks to their GP.

Symptoms include:

  • bleeding from your bottom and / or blood in your poo
  • a change in your bowel habit lasting three weeks or more
  • unexplained weight loss
  • extreme tiredness for no obvious reason
  • a pain or lump in your tummy

How to reduce your risk

  • eat well – limit the amount of red meat and processed meat (bacon, sausages, ham etc.) that you eat
  • eat more fibre, and fruit and vegetables
  • keep a healthy weight
  • be more active
  • cut down on alcohol
  • be smoke free
  • take part in bowel screening - when it lands on the mat, test your poo and send it back!

For more information about each of these changes, visit the Cancer Research blog.