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Towns Fund

Middlesbrough Skyline

Middlesbrough has been given £21.9m from the Towns Fund.

The Towns Fund is investing in towns across the country, and is part of the government's plan to level up regions. You can find out more in the government's Towns Fund prospectus.

The vision for Middlesbrough

Five themes underpin the economic ambitions and aim to rebuild Middlesbrough's economic and social fortunes:

  • Transport and connectivity - enhancing all modes of travel
  • Urban communities and place-making - creating new urban communities, new employment accommodation, and a broader leisure mix
  • The Middlesbrough experience - Middlesbrough will be the key destination in the Tees Valley
  • Building a knowledge economy - improving quality of life and outcomes for residents through education and training
  • Enterprise infrastructure - delivering premium commercial space for Middlesbrough, to enable additional employment

To find out more, or to have your say on Middlesbrough's proposals, email TIP@middlesbrough.gov.uk.


By 2030, Middlesbrough will be transformed by:

  • 2000 new urban homes in the town centre, which will be home to 4000 residents
  • £500,000,000 investment between 2020 and 2024
  • 265,000 sq. ft. of additional modern office floorspace
  • 2700 new jobs
  • a 35% increase in rail passengers
  • 16km of new cycleways
  • a new town centre art college and secondary school by 2024

View the draft town investment plan summary.

The Town Deal Board

Our Town Deal Board includes some of the area's most influential business, community, and education leaders, and public institutions. The Board will shape the business case which will drive public and private investment.

The Board will develop and agree the Town Investment Plan for to submit to the government. The Board will also oversee delivery of the plan, ensuring that it maximises opportunities for communities and businesses across the town, and drives long term economic growth.

View the board's membership, terms of reference, code of conduct, and constitution.

Meeting documents

The meeting documents contain the agenda, minutes, and any reports from the meeting.

Not all of these documents are accessible. If you need the information in another format, please email TIP@middlesbrough.gov.uk.