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Parking, roads, and transport

Parking and permits

Details of town centre car parks and charges, residents parking scheme, and disabled parking (Blue Badges).


Roadworks happening across Middlesbrough in the next 7 days, including an interactive map.

Penalty charge notices

Details about fines (penalty charges) for driving in bus lanes or parking in restricted areas.

Getting around town

Bus and rail travel in Middlesbrough, bus passes, taxis, and the Tees Transporter Bridge.

Report a problem

How to report highways problems including a street lights, traffic lights, pavements, drains, and potholes.

Electric vehicles

There are a number of electric vehicle charging points in car parks across the town.

Traffic notices

Notices about temporary road closures, as well as other notices relating to roads and paths.

Parking problems

You can report parking problems, for example damaging the surface of a pavement or grass verge.

Abnormal loads

We are responsible for managing the movement of abnormal loads through the town.

Fleet services

Fleet Services provides and maintains council vehicles, as well as offering MOT tests to the public.

Laboratory services

Advisory and Inspection Services gives advice and runs consultations on land and construction materials.

Public rights of way

Middlesbrough Council has 38km of registered public footpaths and public bridleways.

Road safety guides

Free online road safety guides from Good Egg Safety Guides, including car seat safety and new drivers.

Road safety team

The Road Safety Team works to reduce road traffic casualties in Middlesbrough.

Street works

The Streetworks team coordinates work done by utility companies on our roads, footpaths, and verges.


Traffic Regulation Order (TROs) are legal orders needed to change a road's use or design.

Gritting and winter

In winter this page is updated daily with details of gritting and any disruptions due to the weather.

Transport schemes

Details of current and completed transport schemes and highway improvements.

Transport strategies

Details of transport strategies including the Integrated Transport Strategy and Local Transport Plan.

Highway records

As the local highway authority, we keep records on highway maintenance responsibilities, status, and extent.


A weighbridge is a machine used to weigh large vehicles like vans, lorries, trailers, and tractors.