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Environmental issues

Animal problems

How to report animal problems including stray dogs and animal neglect or abuse.

Becks and waterways

We clean becks and watercourses three times a year, and attend to flooded becks and watercourses.

Chimney heights

Chimney heights have to be approved by the council. You'll need to contact us to get approval.

Contaminated land

Contaminated land contains substances which could be harmful to humans, animals, or water.

Food poisoning

Food poisoning is caused by eating something which has been contaminated with germs.

Grass, hedges, weeds

We take care of grass, weeds, hedges, and shrubs in public areas. You can report any problems online.

Houses and buildings

How to report eyesore properties, and deal with problems like damp and asbestos.

Illegal waste carriers

Many people in the waste transport business are not registered waste carriers. Please report them to us.

One planet living

One planet living means we all need to live within the limits of our planet's natural resources.


If you need a pest control service, you'll need to contact a private pest control company.

Playground equipment

Our playgrounds are regularly inspected to make sure they're safe. Report any problems to us.


Details of how to report pollution including air, noise, light, and sound pollution.

Shopping trolleys

Abandoned trolleys are an environmental eyesore. You can report them using TrolleyWise.


We control the use of skips on roads and highways. Let us know about problems with skips.

Streets and public areas

Details of how to report problems including fly tipping, needles, graffiti, litter, and dog waste.


You can report problems with trees online. Check the tree policy first to see which issues we can deal with.

Vehicle seizure notices

We can seize a vehicle if we believe it has been used to commit a waste crime like fly-tipping.