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Benefit fraud

What is benefit fraud?

Benefit fraud is when people claim benefits, including Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction, to which they aren't entitled, by giving false information or not telling us when their circumstances change. It is a criminal offence.

The following are examples of benefit fraud (but please note, this list isn't exhaustive):

  • false addresses
  • false or contrived tenancies
  • subletting part of a property for which benefit is already being paid
  • not declaring paid work
  • not declaring other people who are living in the household
  • not declaring income or capital
  • not declaring ownership of other properties or land

Middlesbrough Council protects public funds by taking action against benefit fraud. We will recover any benefit paid to someone who deliberately provides false or misleading information, or who fails to declare a change in their circumstances with a view to getting benefits, for themselves or another person, to which they aren't entitled.

What can you do about it?

If you have any information or concerns, you can report suspected benefit fraud online.

You can also call the Department for Work and Pensions National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 0800 854 440, or write to the following address:

PO Box 224

The more information you can provide, the better. You don't have to provide details about yourself, you can remain anonymous.