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Burial and cremation searches

To search burial and cremation records we need the following information:

  • date of death - at least the year
  • name of cemetery
  • full name

Searches can take up to 21 working days.


You may be charged an administration fee, depending on how much information you give and how long it takes us to find the record you need.

If your information is accurate and the search is easy, you may not be charged. If we need to do a search of several cemeteries and more than one year, you may be charged.

To find out more, email us at bereavementservices@middlesbrough.gov.uk.


Anyone can search the burial records at the Bereavement Services office, but you can only access the burial register and grave register if the information does not contain any references to living people. Email us at bereavementservices@middlesbrough.gov.uk to find out more.

Certain burial records are available on microfilm at Teesside Archives. You can view these free of charge. To find out more, contact Teesside Archives by calling 01642 248321 or emailing teesside_archives@middlesbrough.gov.uk.