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Chapel services

Chapel services include up to 3 pieces of music for a 30 minute service (before a cremation or burial, or a memorial service).

Song choices are subject to availability. They must be appropriate and not offensive. We have the right to refuse to play music or media (for example, tributes) which are offensive.

We cannot guarantee that live-streamed services will be free of interruptions or errors due to broadband service issues which are out of our control.

Visual tributes

Service Cost
Photos First photo is free

Additional photos are £20 each
Basic slideshow (up to 25 photos) £60
Music tribute £85
Themed tribute £120
Bespoke tribute £460
Additional 25 photos (for slideshows or tributes) £35
Family-made tribute £70
Downloadable tribute £20

Live-streaming and recordings

Service Cost
Live-stream of a service £65
On-demand replay (for up to 28 days) and downloadable version (available 2 working days after the service) of a service £70


Service Cost
Keepsakes - DVD or USB keepsake copy of a service, tribute, or both First copy is £70

Additional copies are £50 each
Keepsakes - video book £125
Keepsakes - memory box £160

Other costs

Service Cost

Extra work fee

This covers any revisions or major changes, including:

  • changes if a tribute is already made or it's after 2pm on the last working day before the service (whichever is sooner)
  • adding video or multiple music tracks to a pro tribute
  • timing photos to a specific part of the music in a pro tribute
  • adding music, converting, or editing files for a family-made tribute
  • turning a slideshow into a video file for a keepsake
  • embedding any tribute into a webcast recording
Under 18s - live-stream, single photo, or basic slideshow (up to 25 photos) Free