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Register Office terms and conditions

Register Office ceremony terms and conditions

1. Your booking


1.1 Your ceremony has been accepted on the condition that;

1.1.1 A non-refundable booking fee has been paid; and

1.1.2 Your requested ceremony time and date is available within the commitments of the registration service at Middlesbrough.

1.2 Your ceremony will be carried out on the condition that;

1.2.1 No legal impediment exists under the Marriage and Civil Partnerships Acts;

1.2.2 Legal Preliminaries are completed within the required timescale;

1.2.3 Any documents submitted to the Registrar General for consideration have clearance in the required timescale;

1.2.4 Home Office permission is granted if applicable; and

1.2.5 The fees are paid in full in the required timescale.

2. Fees and payment


2.1 Fees are published on the Middlesbrough Council website.

2.2 The booking fee is non-refundable under any circumstances and only applicable to ceremony to which it relates.

2.3 Any changes, such as the date and time or venue of the ceremony means you will be subject to the payment of another booking fee.

2.4 Fees are subject to review.

2.5 Statutory fees may be applicable again if a fresh notice of marriage or civil partnership is required to be given.

2.6 Fees are expected to be paid in full at least 8 weeks before the ceremony date.

2.6.1 The Register Office reserve the right to cancel your ceremony if your total fees have not been paid within the timescale prior to the ceremony date or if legal preliminaries have not been completed.

2.7 Payments can be made by credit / debit card by phone, or at the Register Office by appointment.

3. Cancellations, postponements, and refunds


3.1 If you need to cancel or postpone your ceremony for any reason, you must notify the office as soon as possible by letter, telephone or email.

3.2 Refunds will be at the discretion of the Register Office.

3.2.1 No refunds will be considered until written confirmation of your cancellation/postponement is received.

3.2.2 The Register Office will confirm the decision to you in writing (this can include email).

3.3 Refunds will only be made on production of a receipt and to the original payee only.

3.3.1 Credit / debit card refunds are usually processed within 5-10 working days.

3.3.2 Cash refunds may take a longer to organise.

3.4 A cancellation fee of £30 will be payable if your ceremony is cancelled with 4 weeks or more notice.

3.4.1 A cancellation fee of £50 will be payable if your ceremony is cancelled with less than 4 weeks’ notice.

3.5 A notice of marriage appointment will be refunded in full if more than two working days’ notice is given.

3.6 Fees will not be refunded if less than two working days’ notice is given, unless there is good cause.

3.6.1 In these circumstances, a request for a refund must be made in writing for consideration.

3.6.2 The Register Office will have full discretion in deciding whether there is good cause and whether a refund will be made.

3.7 There will be no refund given for a failure to attend appointments.

3.8 If you subsequently re-book your ceremony, a further non-refundable booking fee will apply.

4. Legal preliminaries


4.1 Both parties to the marriage / civil partnership are required to sign a legal notice of marriage.

4.1.1 This is usually in the registration district they reside up to one year in advance of the ceremony but at least 28 days before. This is a statutory procedure.

4.2 Failure to give notice of marriage may result in your ceremony not going ahead.

4.2.1 There is a statutory fee of £35 per person for this service.

4.2.2 Other statutory fees may be applicable if immigration controls are in place.

4.3 The Register Office requests that all legal preliminaries should be completed within 8 weeks of a provisional booking being made (if applicable).

4.3.1 The Register Office reserve the right to cancel your ceremony booking if your legal preliminaries have not been completed at least 8 weeks before the ceremony date.

5. Ceremonies


5.1 Statutory marriage ceremonies and civil partnerships are delivered in a licensed room and are available on Thursday mornings only.

5.1.1 The content of the ceremony is simple and defined by statute. It is not subject to any form of personalisation, it is strictly for the couple and two witnesses only.

5.2 Marriage / civil partnership ceremonies can also be delivered in the Victoria or Erimus ceremony rooms, or any building licensed for civil marriages in the Middlesbrough registration district.

5.2.1 The ceremony can be bespoke but must include the declarations and contracting words required by law.

5.3 Times and dates are subject to availability within the commitments of the registration service.

5.4 Due to health and safety and fire regulations, there is a strict limit on the number of guests allowed into the ceremony rooms.

5.5 Ceremonies held at the Register Office or in any building licensed for civil ceremonies in the Middlesbrough registration district, cannot include any religious words or content.

5.5.1 This includes readings and music.

5.6 All ceremonies will be delivered by registration officers to ensure a high degree of solemnity in view of the occasion and to ensure that all legal preliminaries and requirements are maintained.

5.7 Requests for certain members of staff to attend your ceremony will be considered but not guaranteed, as it may not be possible on the day due to operational reasons.

5.7.1 Middlesbrough registration service reserves the right to substitute staff in cases of sickness or unforeseen circumstances on the day.

5.8 Middlesbrough Registration Service reserves the right to make the final decision on wording used in any ceremony.

5.9 The Register Office does not accept liability for any omission which may be caused by reasons beyond its control.

5.10 At least two witnesses must be provided for your ceremony.

5.10.1 The registration service cannot provide your witnesses.

5.10.2 Witnesses are expected to sign the marriage register to confirm that they have heard both parties state in full the declaratory and contracting words required by law.

5.10.3 Witnesses must be 18 years of age or over.

5.11 Other than assistance animals, no pets or animals are permitted to be present at any ceremony without the prior permission of the Superintendent Registrar or the venue co-ordinator.

6. Liability


6.1 The registration service at Middlesbrough will endeavour to perform your ceremony on your chosen time and date.

6.1.1 The registration service does not accept liability for any ceremony cancellation or delay which is due to any of following circumstances; war, civil war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, government actions, fire, flood, extreme weather or any event which is beyond the reasonable control of Middlesbrough Council.

6.2 The registration service does not accept liability for the failure or neglect of any venues services and facilities, including music systems or CDs.

6.3 The registration service does not accept liability for any loss to you or a third party, financial or otherwise caused by a request to cancel or delay the ceremony.

6.4 We reserve the right to ensure that other obligations and ceremonies our staff are due to attend are delivered at the agreed time.

7. Terms


7.1 Marriage and Civil Partnerships Acts / Preliminaries

7.1.1 The Acts of Parliament (including registrations made under those Acts) covering legal requirements to the solemnisation and registration of a civil marriage / partnership in a register office or any approved premise within England and Wales.

7.2 Venue

7.2.1 The venue is the Register Office or approved premises licensed by Middlesbrough Council under the Civil Marriages and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) Regulations 2005 for the solemnisation and registration of marriages and the formation and registration of civil partnerships.

8. Complaints, comments and compliments


8.1 The Register Office at Middlesbrough aims to deliver a high quality service at all times.

8.2 We always welcome your comments, complaints and compliments, good or bad, as it assists in planning for the future delivery of the service, to improve or change the way in which we work