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Demolition notice

Notice to Local Authority under Section 80/81 of The Building Act 1984 and Building Regulations Act 2000 to undertake demolition works.

Section 80/81 Demolition Notice

Any person or company, who proposes to demolish a building or structure, and that building or structure is 64.8 cubic metres in size or above, is required by law (under The Building Act 1984 and Building Regulations Act 2000) to notify the council using a Section 80 form. You must then obtain a Section 81 Notice from the council prior to any demolition work taking place.

Buildings of a smaller size do not require local authority permission.


You will need to submit a Section 80 notice to the council. Download the Section 80 form.

There are no fees charged for this notification.

After completing and signing the notice form, you must send or deliver it to the following address: Highways, First Floor, Resolution House, Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough, TS3 8AL.

You must also, by law, give a copy of the completed Section 80 Notice to the following:

  1. The occupier of any building adjacent to the building being demolished
  2. Northern Gas Networks Ltd, Asset Planning Dept., 1100 Century Way, Thorp Park, Leeds LS15 8TU
  3. C E Electric UK, Penshaw Depot, Station Road, New Penshaw, DH4 7LA


The council will process your notification and issue you with a Section 81 Notice, giving permission for the demolition to take place. The Section 81 Notice will inform you of any requirements you must undertake prior to, and during, the demolition process.

You may also proceed if you've had no response at six weeks after the council receives your notice.

Important note

If you fail to give notice to the council, or if you commence the demolition before you are entitled to do so, you will be liable on summary of conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale (currently £2,500).

If you need further advice please contact Transport and Design Services by calling 01642 728156.