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Benefits of working for Middlesbrough Council

Money, wellness and family



The majority of our jobs are on Local Government Terms and Conditions, and are subject to job evaluation, which applies the grade to the job by measuring the skills, knowledge and responsibilities of that job. Most jobs are within a grading structure where you will receive annual increments up to the top of the grade. Some occupations will be eligible for recruitment and retention payments, which can be found on the job advert.



As part of working here, you will be automatically enrolled into the Local Government Pension Scheme, Teesside Pension Fund. Being in the pension scheme provides benefits for you and your family. As well as providing a tax-free lump sum and pension on retirement, you may also receive a tax-free lump sum and pension if you become too ill to work. The pension scheme will also entitle you to 3 times your annual salary to be paid to your nominee should you die in service.

We will also make generous employer contributions to your pension pot. In addition to this, we offer a Shared Additional Voluntary Contribution scheme, where you can save more to increase your pension. The main advantage of the scheme is that you can save monthly on both tax and National Insurance.



We recognise that staff don't always want to take half or full days, which is why our annual leave is calculated in hours. This allows for more flexibility for staff, who may just want to take a hour or two.

Full time staff with less than 5 years' service get a generous entitlement of 200 hours, which is equivalent to 27 days.

As your service builds, you'll be rewarded with additional leave:

  • after 5 years, you'll get 237 hours (equivalent to 32 days)
  • after 15 years, you'll get 245 hours (equivalent to 33 days)
  • after 25 years, you'll get 252 hours (equivalent to 34 days)
  • after 40 years, you'll get 259 hours (equivalent to 35 days)

Bank Holidays are in addition to your holiday entitlement. We also offer the opportunity to buy additional annual leave, subject to approval.

Employee benefits


As a Middlesbrough Council employee, you'll have access to great savings, town centre discounts, home, and electronics with the ability to spread the cost through salary deductions, an electric car scheme, and much, much more. This is offered through the Vivup platform. Find out more about all of our amazing offers.

Helping you to be the best you can be


It's important that staff understand their contribution and role in helping us deliver our goals and priorities. Our appraisal framework includes regular one to one meetings with your manager, providing the opportunity to set work objectives, discuss how you are progressing, and identify any concerns you may have. We believe that giving you the chance to learn new skills and grow your knowledge is pivotal to our organisation’s success. The Council’s online learning system provides information, support, and online training courses to help you be the best you can be!

Working flexibly


We are committed to ensuring that services are delivered in the most efficient and customer-focused way, while also providing opportunities for staff to work more flexibly. We recognise the benefit of flexible working, and where practical we offer a variety of options, including flexi-time, part-time working, and compressed hours, for example 9-day fortnight. In a large number of areas, staff are able to work from home and are provided with a full working from home kit.

Family friendly


If you are growing your family (or even if you are not) we offer a range of benefits and policies to help. We provide up to 5 days discretionary leave (in addition to your annual leave) for those unexpected moments.

There is also maternity, adoption and shared parental leave, paternity leave and pay, time off for ante-natal appointments, up to 5 days paid maternity support leave, adopters / foster parents leave, and statutory parental leave.

Trade unions


We value working together and encourage staff to join one of our recognised Trade Unions, which work on things like negotiating terms and conditions for the majority of the Council's workforce. If you join, you can take part in the union's activities and be represented by them at any formal meetings relating to your employment.

Good health, safety and wellbeing


We aim to provide a safe place for you to work while also helping to look after your health and wellbeing. There's a huge range of support available including: managing health, attendance and wellbeing policy, Occupational Health service, and Employee Assistance Programme.

We have a network of Mental Health First Aiders who are trained officers who can offer advice and support directly within our services. These services are supplemented with physical health improvement programmes, led by our Public Health team and a rolling programme of initiatives.

Reservist policy


We recognise the valuable contribution that members of the Reserve Forces (Reservists) can make to the UK Armed Forces, their communities and the civilian workplace. The Reservist Policy supports employees who are Reservists and sets out our commitment and procedures for those who are mobilised.