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Your care plan

If you're in care, you'll have a care plan.

Your social worker will write it for you, after talking to people who know you well. That means people like your family and teachers at your school.

The plan will say things like:

  • who you'll be looked after by
  • where you'll live
  • when you'll see your family
  • where you'll go to school
  • how people will make sure you're safe and healthy
  • how people will make sure you can do things which are important to you (like taking part in hobbies or practising your religion)

It's very important that your plan says what's going to happen in the future. This means both in the next few weeks and months, and further away than that.

Your plan should be written in a way you understand, because it's about your future so you have a right to know what it says.

If there's something you don't understand, your social worker will explain it to you. They'll also tell you why they decided on it.

Everyone who looks after you has to stick to what it says in your care plan, unless there's a really good reason not to. Don't worry, that doesn't mean we can't change your plan if we need to. We know that young people have lots of changes in their lives. We'll try to update your plan whenever something big happens, so it always says what's best for you right now.

You'll have a review every few months, and one of the things we'll do is look at your care plan to see if it's still right for you.