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How can Futures for Families help?

I am a young person. How can Futures for Families help me?

Futures for Families is a new project made up of a team of professionals from lots of backgrounds and organisations who work together to make sure young people are safe and cared for.

You will have a designated key worker who is there to listen and support you throughout your time with Futures for Families. Relationships are the foundations which Futures for Families is built on and we understand the importance of you having strong relationships with your family and friends. Every young person is different and we recognise and celebrate all that you have achieved and will achieve in the future.

What can Futures for Families do for my family?

At Futures for Families we understand the difficulties and complexities of family life and we will work with you to ensure that we support you to get over this difficult period in your family life. This approach has achieved successful outcomes for many young people and their families in other areas.

Why have I been referred to Futures for Families?

You may have been referred to the service by a professional in your life who has an understanding that you are finding life hard at the moment and would really benefit from the help and support the Futures for Families team provides. We recognise that families know their own lives and they are the experts on their situation.