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We are working to 'recover, reset, and deliver' to ensure that we deliver modern cost-effective services, focused on the needs of residents and arranged around individuals, their families, carers and communities.

We will be an inclusive and supportive Council where staff thrive, prosper and feel valued in their work.

Transformation is not only a response to challenges, but a proactive strategy to shape a future-ready organisation.

It is a catalyst for positive change, driving the organisation forwards.

In embracing this ethos, the Council aspires to create a culture that thrives on adaptability and continuous improvement, ensuring its resilience in the face of ongoing challenges and changes.

Our transformation

Our transformation is focused on key areas and priorities:

Service delivery


We are committed to adopting new approaches to the design and delivery of services to better meet the needs of our residents.

Controls and efficiencies


Our emphasis is on driving improved controls and efficiency measures across the organisation, ensuring streamlined processes and resource optimisation.

Demand management


Through implementing effective demand management measures, we aim to optimise resource allocation and target our interventions precisely where they are needed most.



Ultimately, the goal of our transformation is to deliver improved outcomes for our residents, communities and businesses, elevating the overall quality of life.

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