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Neighbourhood Safety team

The Neighbourhood Safety Team works with partners and local people to prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour including:

  • vandalism, graffiti, and deliberate damage to property or vehicles
  • groups of teenagers hanging around on the streets
  • fly tipping or littering
  • drug use and dealing
  • drunk or rowdy behaviour
  • chaotic families

They do this by:

  • detecting and deterring crime, and providing public safety through CCTV usage
  • diverting and preventing anti-social behaviour, and educating offenders
  • offering specialist support to victims of anti-social behaviour
  • raising the management standards of private landlords
  • promoting community cohesion and sustainability

The Neighbourhood Safety Team doesn't deal with incidents relating to neighbour disputes. If the neighbour dispute involves serious threats or violence, you should contact Cleveland Police on 101. If the incident is currently happening and you think you're in danger, call 999.

Contact us

You can contact your local Neighbourhood Safety Team by email to asbunit@middlesbrough.gov.uk.