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Safehaven - end your night out right

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Safehaven is here to help you on your night out in Middlesbrough.

What is Safehaven?

Safehaven is a warm and safe place for people to go if they need help on a night out in Middlesbrough.

Safehaven is based in Middlesbrough bus station, and is open on Friday and Saturday nights into the early morning.

Maybe you've lost your friends and you're alone, or your phone has died and you need to borrow a phone charger, or you just need somewhere safe to wait for a taxi. Our friendly staff are here to help, not judge you.

We also have trained medical professionals on hand to take care of minor injuries, and we can help if you need an ambulance too.

Remember - before calling 999, think Safehaven. We can help you quickly and easily, or we'll find someone who can.

When is Safehaven open?

Safehaven is open on Friday evenings until 3:30am on Saturday morning, and Saturday evenings (and Bank Holidays) until 4:30am the next morning.

Where is Safehaven and how do I get there?

Safehaven is based in Middlesbrough bus station. From 10pm until 12am, you can pop in via the main doors to the bus station (either on Newport Road or in Captain Cook Square).

After 12am, you can get to Safehaven via the back entrance to the bus station (near the taxi rank between The Discovery pub and what used to be Lloyds Bar).

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Who can use it?

Safehaven is for anyone who feels vulnerable or unsafe while out at night in Middlesbrough.

You can come to Safehaven if:

  • you've lost your friends and you feel unsafe or you're not sure where to go
  • you've lost or broken your phone - we can can phone a taxi or someone you know
  • your phone has run out of battery - we have phone chargers you can use
  • you need a safe place to wait for a taxi
  • you've fallen out with your friends or partner and you feel unsafe
  • you don't feel well and you need a safe space to take a breather
  • you've got a minor injury and need medical help
  • you're on a date and you feel unsafe and want to get out of the situation

Will I be judged?

Absolutely not, we just want you to get home safely from your night out. Please don't be embarrassed about asking for help.

What if Safehaven can't give me the help I need?

If we think you need extra support, or more advanced medical help, we can contact the right people. You can wait in the warmth while we're getting help for you.

We can also refer you to other services which can help, if we think they're right for you. This is at our discretion.

Will anyone know I've been to Safehaven?

No, the service is confidential. We won't tell anyone.

The outside of Middlesbrough bus station showing Safehaven signs