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Grass, hedges, and weeds

Grass cutting

Park areas, open spaces, and grass verges are cut, on average, up to 13 times a year (weather permitting). All other areas such as beck sides, back lands, and meadows are cut three times per year. The grass is cut using a mix of cylinder, rotary, and flail cutting machines. Grass cuttings are not collected.


Roads and footpaths will be sprayed twice a year over the period April to September. Inspections will take place to identify any areas that need a further application.


You can use Report It to request grass cutting for a park area, open space or grass verge, or report a problem with weeds.


We encourage you to report any concerns you have about hedges to allow us to investigate and take any necessary action, however please note that maintenance works are planned each year and undertaken from 1 September to 31 March. We don't carry out works to hedges during the bird nesting season.

To request the cutting of hedges please use the online form.

If you're reporting this outside of business hours (7:30am to 3pm, Monday to Friday) and you feel it's unsafe or an emergency case, please contact our out of hours service by callingĀ 01642 726050.


Shrubs are inspected annually and will be pruned as required. Shrubs or shrub beds that are, or are prone to, causing obstruction or safety issues will be cut back to satisfy highway regulations on a reactive basis.

Pruning works will commence from August onwards to prevent any disturbance during the bird nesting season. An annual application of contact weed killer will also be carried out, with further spot treatments following where necessary.