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Empty and eyesore properties

Empty properties

If a house or other building is no longer occupied (abandoned) and is insecure, we can take steps to secure the property if it's causing a danger to people or to neighbouring properties. By 'insecure' we mean the property has been broken into, or anyone can get into it through an open door or other opening (like a window).

We cannot take action if a property has been left unlocked or open but someone still lives there.

You can use Report It to let us know about an empty property which is open for access.

Alternatively, you can call the Environment Contact Centre on 01642 726001.

Eyesore properties

Eyesore properties are properties whose condition negatively affects an area, for example by having a negative social or financial impact.

This usually includes properties in serious disrepair or a dilapidated condition. It does not include properties where the house is in good condition but the garden has overgrown grass, weeds, plants, bushes, or trees. We cannot take action against overgrown gardens unless they are adding to the overall poor condition of a dilapidated property.

Our approach for eyesore properties is to work with the owner, where possible, and offer advice and assistance. If the owner is unable or unwilling to carry out any necessary improvements to the property, we have the power to demand that repairs or other improvements are made. Alternatively, we may carry out the works ourselves then recover the costs from the owner.

You can report an eyesore property to the Planning Enforcement team by calling 01642 726001.

Build up of waste on private land

Large amounts of waste may be a health risk, cause significant nuisance to neighbours (for example, causing odours and attracting flies), or provide food or shelter for rats. There are different ways to report a problem with waste, so you'll need to make sure you use the right one. Find out more on the build up of waste on private land page.