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Highway trees (on council land)

We maintain approximately 22,000 highway trees, and also any trees within falling distance of the public highway.

We employ a specially-trained arboriculture inspector to manage highway trees. This is to ensure a high standard of tree maintenance, and includes periodic inspections of all trees within the borough. Inspections are to establish the condition of the tree and ensure it's healthy, safe, and not causing an obstruction or damage to its surroundings (for example properties, footpaths, roads etc.).

The most common questions about highway trees in Middlesbrough are answered in our tree policy.

Overhanging trees (on private property)

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining any trees, hedges, or shrubbery within the perimeter of their property, which adjoin a public highway.

If any vegetation from a private property restricts a pedestrian's access on the public highway or is dangerous to vehicular traffic, we can take action under the Highways Act 1980.

We'll issue a notice to the owner to seek their cooperation in trimming back the offending vegetation. However, after the notice expires, we may arrange for works to be undertaken and recover the cost from the owner.

The most common questions about overhanging trees in Middlesbrough are answered in our tree policy.


You can let us know about the following problems online:

  • fallen trees
  • diseased, dying, or dead trees
  • fallen branches
  • snapped branches (resting in the tree)
  • low branches overhanging the highway or footpath
  • trees obstructing a street lamp
  • a tree dropping leaves, fruit, or blossom
  • trees causing a structural issue to a property
  • uplifted or cracked footpaths as a result of a tree

Please check our tree policy before reporting any issues. The policy clearly states which issues we will not take any action on. Please do not report an issue to us if the policy states that we will not take any action on it.

If you're unable to use the online form, you can call the Environment Contact Centre on 01642 726001.

If you're making a report outside of business hours (Monday to Friday, 7:30am to 3pm) and you feel it's unsafe or an emergency, please contact the out of hours service on 01642 726050.

Request a tree

We're currently unable to fulfill any requests for planting of trees due to funding. When funding becomes available again, an online form will be available on this page, to request a location for a tree to be planted which we'll then consider.

Tree policy