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Buzz in Boro

New accommodation for Boro bees is popping up and our residents are buzzing about it. Three eco tree hives are being installed across the town centre and bug hotels will also be added to community spaces.

The beehives are just one part of our Green Strategy, aiming to make Middlesbrough a more bee-friendly town. We’re also sowing thousands of square metres of wildflowers and changing our approach to grass cutting to help our pollinating bees.

To help spot the types of bees that we see in Middlesbrough, you can download the 'Buzz in Boro' bee guide. There are over 200 species of bees in the UK and the guide will help you to identify them by their colour and number of bands across their bodies.

Buzz in Boro is a project to increase and encourage bees and pollinating insects. A free, self-directed online course, available to Middlesbrough residents, can help you to find out more about pollinators, bees, beekeeping, what happens in a hive and how a bee colony functions. It's available via Google Classrooms. Register your interest or find out more by emailing barefoot.bellis@gmail.com.