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Tough new fines for fly-tipping and littering in review of fees and charges

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Tuesday, 21 November 2023
A photo of a pile of dumped rubbish in Middlesbrough

Fly-tippers could now be fined up to £1,000 for dumping rubbish in Middlesbrough.

The Council’s Executive have voted on a new fees and charges structure for the town today.

It sees fly-tipping fines increased by 150% from a previous £400 maximum, while those littering could now face £500 fines – an increase from £80.

Middlesbrough Council has taken significant steps to battle the scourge of fly-tipping, regularly prosecuting offenders and leading the case against a man who was slapped with a suspended prison sentence for dumping a staggering 61 tonnes of rubbish in Brambles Farm.

The tougher new deterrents are part of a review of fees and charges carried out in Middlesbrough, which have seen some increases due to a massive rise in inflation over the past two years.

Cllr Janet Thompson, Executive Member for Community Safety on Middlesbrough Council, said: “Fly-tipping is a selfish crime that blights communities, not just in Middlesbrough but across the country.

“Our dedicated staff do all they can to clean up dumped rubbish and go after those responsible for fly-tipping and littering.

“It’s positive that the Government has raised the cap on the maximum amount we can fine those who break the law, which we hope will be a much stronger deterrent against people dumping in our town.”