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Roadworks map

You can use the roadworks map to find out if there are any roadworks near you, including who is responsible for them (e.g. council, utility companies, telecoms companies), and whether they're expected to cause delays.


Roadworks list

Please note, dates are correct at time of publishing, however works may be delayed or extended due to unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions.

View the weekly roadworks report as a PDF.

Emergency works

Currently no emergency works.

Major works and events

Boundary Road, Middlehaven – bridge inspection works

Network Rail will continue bridge inspection works at the Boundary Road/ North Road junction on 22/01/19. Temporary 3-way signals will be in place during peak hours of 09:30am - 15:30pm.

Grange Road/ Linthorpe Road, town centre – loop cutting

Loop cutting works at the above junction have been scheduled to take place on Sunday 20/01/19.

Borough Road, town centre – loop cutting

Loop cutting works have been scheduled to commence at 09.00am on Sunday 20/01/19, at the pelican crossing near Emerald Street. Works are expected to be complete within 3 hours.

Ayresome Street/ Linthorpe Road, town centre – loop cutting

Loop cutting works at the above junction have been scheduled to take place on Sunday 20/01/19.

Albert Road, town centre – temporary road closure

Middlesbrough Town Hall 130th Anniversary Event will take place on Saturday 26/01/19. Albert Road will be closed between the junctions with Corporation Road and Grange Road from 10.00 am until 01.00 pm. Diversions will be in operation and bus stops will be suspended during this period - further information to follow.

A66 maintenance works – various locations – Sundays only

Maintenance works are scheduled on 27/01/19 with near-side lane closures in operation from Hartington Interchange to the A19. Near-side lane closures will be in operation on slip roads at interchanges and off-side lane closures on roundabouts.

Public utility works

Mandale Road, Acklam – NWL works

NWL works are expected to continue until 22/01/19 near the junction with Stoneleigh Avenue, with temporary 2-way traffic signals in operation.

Trimdon Avenue/ Earlsdon Avenue, Acklam – sewer cleansing

NWL has programmed sewer-cleansing works at the above location on 25/01/19. Temporary 3-way traffic signals will be in operation during off-peak periods from 09.30 am to 03.30 pm.

Cargo Fleet Lane, Ormesby – NPG works

NPG works will continue until 25/01/19 to replace and refurbish the electricity network on Cargo Fleet Lane, between the junctions with Fulbeck Road and Park Avenue North.

Ladgate Lane, Easterside – NWL works

NWL works are expected to continue off-carriageway until 25/01/19 on Ladgate Lane, between the junctions with Saltersgill Avenue/ Westwick Terrace and Weymouth Avenue.

Footpath/verge works

Dunning Street, town centre

Works are continuing to install new granite paving around the Town Hall. This is part of a larger scheme that will also see new paving laid along Corporation Road from Dunning Street to Albert Road. The works are expected to continue until late March.

Vulcan Street / Ferry Road, Middlehaven

Works have commenced to install a new traffic signal junction with both toucan and puffin crossing points at the junction with Ferry Road. Works are expected to continue until early March.

Future works

Shepherdson Way, Works Road, Cargo Fleet Road, The Leeway, and Dockside Road – Middlesbrough Council bridge inspection works

Bridge inspection works are due to be carried out to Works Road and Shepherdson Way Road Bridges on 10/03/19 and 17/03/19 with contingency dates of 07/04/19 and 14/04/19 in place. In order to carry out the inspections, Works Road, Shepherdson Way, Cargo Fleet Road, and The Leeway will have temporary signal controlled lane closures in operation periodically, overnight from 10:00 pm Sat until 6:00 am. Sun Dockside Road.

will have a full road closure at its junction with Works Road Bridge overnight from 11.00 pm Sat until 07.00 am Sun with diversions in place via the A66.