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Temporary Traffic Signals application

To be able to place temporary traffic signals on the highway you need to make an application to Middlesbrough Council.

The Secretary of State has issued a blanket agreement for all statutory undertakers (utilities) to be able to place two-way temporary signals on the highway when a notice is issued through the EToN system. Three or more junction heads which require temporary traffic signals should be applied for as below.

How do I apply for a standard set of temporary traffic signals?


The application form should be completed and returned by email to streetworks@middlesbrough.gov.uk, along with a detailed traffic management drawing showing timings of the works site.

Traffic management plans should also be attached to your streetworks notice on EToN.

How much does a standard temporary traffic signal application cost?


There is currently no cost to the applicant.

Any traffic management or signing necessitated by the temporary traffic signals should be arranged and paid for by the applicant.

How long does it take?


Applications for temporary traffic signals take a minimum of 7 working days to process, however please allow time to make amendments if the application is refused.

Emergency temporary traffic signals


Urgent temporary traffic signals approval can be issued by us in the case of an emergency, for example in the case of a water/gas main leak or danger to life.