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Integrated transport strategy 2018-2028

The Integrated Transport Strategy is one of a number of documents which set out our aims for transport in the town. It was approved in December 2018, and sits below the Local Implementation Plan (LIP).

The strategy details our plans to:

  • build on our city-scale ambitions for Middlesbrough by providing a fully integrated transport network, which not only makes it easy to get around within the town, but also provides a gateway to the rest of the Tees Valley
  • deliver an integrated transport network which promotes sustainable travel (walking, cycling, public transport) by making sure different modes of travel work together seamlessly - for example, connecting walking and cycling routes to public transport routes - to enable development and growth
  • reduce the number of people dependentĀ on their cars, which will reduce congestion, improve air quality, and help both social and economic regeneration

We'll do this by:

  • balancing the competing demands placed on the transport network
  • providing the right infrastructure for transport users to make informed decisions about travel
  • setting out proposed improvements for each mode of travel, which can be achieved individually, but which will also join up so users can switch their mode of travel easily
  • promoting and helping people to make informed travel choices

Read the Integrated Transport Strategy 2018-2028.