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Historic planning data

Historic planning data (from 1948 to 1994) is available to search online. All you need is the house number and street name, for example 1 Linthorpe Road.

About historic planning data

You must read the following information before searching the historic planning data.

If it's essential that your information is complete, please do not rely on information from the online search as an alternative to a traditional (in person) search. While we take great care to make sure that our information is up to date and accurate, we cannot accept any liability or responsibility if you rely on the information and later find it to be incorrect.

If you have any reason to think that our information is incorrect, please contact us immediately so we can investigate and make any corrections as soon as possible.

We hold planning application documents dating back to 1948 but not all of them are available online. If the document you need is not available online, please email bcsubmissions@middlesbrough.gov.uk and we'll try to supply the information required.

Agree and continue to search our historic planning data online.

Using the search


Planning applications have a scanned PDF version of the planning application decision notice attached. These form our planning register, which we legally must provide.

Building Control applications do not have any documents attached, as we legally do not have to provide these.

Data from 1994 until the present day


Planning decisions from 1994 to 2005 are available via the Citizen Portal Planning website. Only the decision is available, documents are not available online. If you need more information, you'll need to get in touch with us. You can find out more in the 'Viewing documents and getting copies' section below.

Planning decisions and documents from mid-2005 onwards are available via the Citizen Portal Planning website.

Building Control documents are not available.

Sites which have changed names


We provide a list of reference numbers for planning and Building Control applications relating to sites which were previously known by a different name.

For example, a new estate built in Middlehaven may have new street names, but the original planning application may have related to 'land at Middlehaven'.

The site history spreadsheet lists new streets along with the reference numbers for any applications which are connected to them but which used the site's original name.

Viewing documents and getting copies


Copy of a decision notice

Copies of Building Control decision and completion notices can only be requested by email. Please email bcsubmissions@middlesbrough.gov.uk to request a copy.

If you need a copy of a planning decision notice which is not available on the website, please email bcsubmissions@middlesbrough.gov.uk. You'll need to include details of the application number.

There is a fee payable for this service. We'll contact you for payment before providing a copy of the decision.

View a planning application

If you want to see a planning file which is not available on our website, please email bcsubmissions@middlesbrough.gov.uk. You'll need to include the application number.

We'll find out what information is available, then contact you with further details about the format of the information, and how you can view it. There is a fee payable for this service because the files are stored in archives.

No planning details known

If you cannot provide the application number, we'll carry out a history search. Please email bcsubmissions@middlesbrough.gov.uk, including the location, and how far back you wish the search to go.

There is a fee payable for this service, which will depend on how far back you wish us to investigate.