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Local land charges register and searches

We're required by law to keep a land charges register. It contains relevant information about every property in the Middlesbrough Council area.

For each property or piece of land, the register includes information about:

  • planning
  • highways
  • listed buildings
  • conservation areas
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • improvement grants
  • enforcement notices
  • financial charges

A search of the land charges register is carried out when a property or land is sold, mortgaged, used as security, leased, or rented. The search provides interested parties with relevant information which may have implications to the prospective buyer.

You can get more information about what is needed when buying a home or selling a home on GOV.UK.

Forms and searches

There are several ways in which information can be gathered and different fees will apply.

Personal search


Anyone can request a personal search. A personal search includes information registered on the land charges register, but does not include planning.

A personal search is free, and the information you receive will not include the council logo. Alternatively, you can request an LLC1.



An LLC1 is a legal document which includes entries which are registered on the land charges register against a property or land. It includes planning information.

There is a charge for the LLC1. It comes in report format, including a council logo.

CON29R (required)


The CON29R form contains comprehensive enquiries which give information about the property or land to be purchased to prospective purchasers.

The questions are agreed between the Law Society and Local Government Associations.

There is a charge for the CON29R form.

CON29O (optional)


The CON29O form is an additional part to the CON29R. It's made up of a further 19 optional questions covering various topics. These questions are not present on other forms.

There is a charge for the CON29O form, and a charge for each additional question.


Search type Gross amount Net amount VAT amount
LLC1 only (no VAT) £18 £18 £0
LLC1 parcel fee (no VAT) £1 £1 £0
CON29R - residential (includes VAT) £111.60 £93 £18.60
CON29R - commercial (includes VAT) £120.90 £100.75 £20.15
CON29R parcel fee (includes VAT) £12.18 £10.15 £2.03
Full search: LLC1 and CON29R - residential (includes VAT) £129.60 £111 £18.60
Full search: LLC1 and CON29R - commercial (includes VAT) £138.90 £118.75 £20.15
CON29O - extra questions (includes VAT) £21 £17.50 £3.50
Additional questions (includes VAT) £21 £17.50 £3.50
Enquirer additional questions (includes VAT) £21 £17.50 £3.50
Copy of documents fee (includes VAT) £12 £10 £2

Request a search

To request a search, please email Please enclose a plan and provide 1 copy of each form. You can pay for your search using BACS.

Personal searches can be arranged over the phone or via email.


For more information about the local land charges register and searches, contact the Local Land Charges Team by calling 01642 729770 or emailing